July 2009: Washington DC

Some photos I squirreled away and forgot to publish! I think this was the first JMU reunion; boy was it hot (or I was more out-of-shape than usual, or both). That’s about all I remember.

Donner, party of one

Hey so when the Virginia DOT said to stay off the roads on Saturday, what they really meant was West Virginia was already buried on Friday! So after I nearly died a few times, I finally pulled off the road and into a hotel when my drivers-side wiper iced up. Driving with your head out the window like a labrador is HILARIOUS.

Mismetered and out of focus: One last myopic jaunt to dumbtown

The morning after a 30-hour intercontinental travel day, I woke up at 0830 and drove nine hours to a place I’d sworn off a second time. Why? Oh, I have my reasons. Apprently, though, the combined trips compeltely demolished any photographic skill I might have otherwise had. Bad composition, ahoy! (This is roll 21 of the post-last-ones numbering).