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0211.24 18:10:45 | 4 Comments
Exceedingly shallow description of weekend including but not limited to: Miami, Website Color Scheme(s), DirecTV reciever(s), Church, Person(s) from Church, and/or Homie(s).

Knock ’em out the box, Luke

0211.21 23:38:02 | 2 Comments
The problem that is school, russian hats and Nazzian ramblings thereupon. Also, LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX ROBOTS.


0211.18 18:51:37 | Comments Off on WEEKEND UPDATE
LORD OF THE RINGS TOURNANMENT EDITION DX SUPER ALPHA MEGA DIRECTOR'S CUT WITH DUAL SHOCK 64! Also, network upgrades, assembly, sleepage, optical alarm clock kludge.


0211.11 21:56:26 | Comments Off on WEEKEND UPDATE Chicago
Woo, many true funs at Northwestern! Yeah, I finished this blog post up over a month after I went, shut up! Not that you actually care, but, whatever.

Welsh Five

0211.8 22:59:06 | 5 Comments
Fabulous fridays. Tacos. Entirely too much symphonic information. FOOTBALL TEAM REIGNS SUPREME.


0211.5 23:44:32 | 2 Comments
Inept warez kiddies. Student Council. Monopoly Tournament fun. Return of Mrs Berger. Calculus woes. After school garbage, included but not limited to German Club.

Weekend Update

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