Entries from December 2002

Wishing you a merry generic winter holiday

0212.17 22:26:41 | 4 Comments

Mega Weeknd Turboblaster EXPLOSION

0212.16 21:39:52 | One Comment
The usual, as well as the 18th birthday party. Woohoo. Oh, also, I need to come up with more codenames. Email me or something.


0212.8 22:39:53 | 3 Comments
German Club Fundraiser, Shaking and Staking, collecting cans for the needy, Making fun of people who think they're 'counterculture', SAMBAS! ADIDAS SAMBAS!, and the church christmas partay.


0212.1 22:10:40 | One Comment
Fun over Thanksgiving break. A whole bunch of rambling about what amounts to nothing. Also, weddings and cash. But mainly nothing.