Jump to Comments Well, Spring Break’s over, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bore regale you, the audience, with the typical play-by-play.

So, Friday, 31 April, a good chunk of the schoolies decide to meet at RITTAR’S FROZEN CUSTARRRRD at 1900. Why? Oh, well, see, apparently there’s this level 99 Dungeons and Dragons Dork (Here, take this +1 Chocolate Sundae of Enlightenment!) that works there. So, some of the more artistic in our numbers decide to make a video, about Ninja Man, but also talk to the guy and get him saying wacky crap. So, Popeshirt dresses up in a ninja costume, and they go there and ask him if one of those magic user types (necromancer? I can’t remember which word they used) can ressurect a dead character. “No, man, you’d have to be, like, a DEMIGOD or something.” Well, uh, it was funny on tape. And then we went to blockbuster to film Ninja Man directing people to the proper video rentals. And then we went to the house of the Popeshirt himself, China’s Best (said hey to Chun Fu and got the only item on the menu that I could buy with a dollar and some pennies– Egg Drop Soup) and then to my place, to transfer the raw data to my box to edit. Which,a fter we spent two hours, realized that it didn’t work. So, uh, we just put it directly opn a cassette. I’m gonna see if I can get that and edit it still, and throw it up here, because the ninjaman stuff is quite hillarious.

I did a whole bunch of nothing from Saturday morning to the next Saturday night. I stayed in my room, mostly, and worked on this &^#^*$%^*( website, basically. ‘Turf’ as it were, had Jamie over here most of the time, so I knd of wanted to not, you know, be around, since, eventhough he’s a middleschooler, he knows all these High School people, and I just really don’t like that, for some reason. It’s kind of distressing, really, if that’s the word for it. I really don’t want to know anything more about people then I don’t already know myself, you know.

I played Settlers of Catan with the Neglegent Brothers, per usual, on Tuesday. Which was fun. Jon Burke won, suprise suprise. Not a big fan of that Mark Goldman fellow, he gets quite unsportsmanlike very quickly. The Old Man might consider inviting somebody else to get the required six people next time.

Sunday was also quite boring. Sound quality at church was laughable, but class was much better as usual, probably because I was much more alert, and there were actually people there. Went to the mall for lunch with the Churchies– but El Baile and I left after we ate, because, uh, each of us had homework to do. Also, I don’t think either one of us is much of a fan of shopping, tee hee. I do feel a bit sorry for leaving Andrew there by himself at a mall of all places with a bunch of girls, but he, of anybody, could handle it.

Slept all afternoon. Went to Shake and Steak with the fam for dinner. Service was quicker than usual, and there were a bunch of people there, as well, which is, uh, double unexpected. Oh wells.

But, you know, who would want to go to some beach in Petersburg or Miami, anyhow? Sit on a bunch of dirty powerdered exoskeletons and river effluent, beathing in that, hot, sticky, salt-filled air while actively trying to instigate your body’s anti-cancer defenses? Seriously, I don’t see people saying “Let’s go vacation in Chernobyl! I look better when my skin glows in the dark!”… very often, at least.

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