Politics as Usual

Jump to Comments You know, maybe it’s just because I live in Flatland, but I’m just plain perplexed by the viewpoints of certain people about this war thing. Yeah, I know, I know, it’s a little late in the game to bring this up, blah blah it’s been going on for a fortnight blah blah, but, you know, this is my freaking website and I’ll be as slow as I want with timely matters, EECGH. So, uh, anyway, this is what made me bring this up, the seventh comment on the comment page for CAR comic number 133:
If you think of it that way, he’s the reason a lot of people support the war… because he does also. “Why do you support the war on Iraq?” “Oh because I listen to Howard Stern. He’s really smart and educated on these issues, you know.” Posted by JeffreyAtW at April 9, 2003 09:20 AM
Okay. I mean, I can understand that there were legitimate reasons why people thought and/or still think this war is a bad idea– for example, that it will incense violence in the Middle East to an even larger scale than it previously was, that a post-Saddam regime will fall apart due to warring ethnic factions and end up in an even more disgruntled and oppressive regime in a manner that mimics Afghanistan in the 1990s, that Western political friendship is more important than Middle Eastern political stability, and I’ll even give credit to the “well, maybe this time the inspectors could have gotten a bit more done” line. But some of these arguments, like “wow, only idiots support this war”, “this is all some sort of massive campaign for oil”, “war is always bad”, etc., are ludicrious. (As opposed to Ludicris– JD in the Rolls/And Ludi’s in the Cutt’ Supreme… etc.) I mean, once again, maybe this is because I don’t live in the magical state of California, where the streets are paved with gold tofu gay pride parades asphalt and concrete, but, this kind of reasoning just doesn’t seem to be logical at all. Do people out there really think that kind of stuff about the reasons for the war? Worse yet, are people out there only in support of it because of some filthy talkradio moron? This kind of thing makes me nervous for some reason; nervous about what exactly, though, I’m not really sure. UPDATE: This was written before I had any knowledge of theorhetical fall of Baghdad, so maybe that makes this even more out of date. Maybe it makes it more timely. I don’t know.

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