Entries from January 2006

You can call me Aaron Burr …

0601.27 01:21:04 | 3 Comments
... from the way I'm dropping Hamiltons.

This title is witty when you’re not looking

0601.25 01:37:50 | One Comment
A printer crisis averted -- 20 minutes late. And the latest of the usual personal self-indulgence.


0601.21 19:45:07 | 2 Comments
Hey, I'm back to doing reviews of stuff again! Also a postscript on the RIAA's efforts against what they call piracy -- real piracy off the Somali coast notwithstanding.

Easy Button

0601.18 10:57:53 | 3 Comments
It's a story of a new printer; how I really like the store Staples now; and my chance to write an op-ed for the school newpaper. And, of course, the usual blog stuff.


0601.12 01:10:58 | 3 Comments
Wherein I talk about the start of the semester, of all things.