Entries from April 2006

Schedulization pt II

0604.26 23:51:18 | Comments Off on Schedulization pt II
Honestly, this is more for me and maybe Harding people more than it is anyone else, but, class lists hit the intranet today so I'm taking account of friends in classes.

Schedule Time

0604.21 10:52:14 | 4 Comments
Hey look, it's time for another exiting round of read Ben's schedule for next semester! Oh goodness, what ever could there be left to take?

New Message Board

0604.11 11:28:27 | 4 Comments
iaatb.net/user -- now with AJAX, Web 2.0, and likely some other marketing buzzwords!

New Blog Front Page

0604.2 16:45:02 | 2 Comments
A winner is all of us! (well, everybody except IE users)

New MSN search better than TEH GOOGALE

0604.1 14:32:14 | One Comment
I know, I know, it's impossible for MS to have something that doesn't suck, OMGWTFLOLBBQ