Settings updates

Jump to Comments A rash of spam has led me to install a few new plugins. I hope that they have been enabled in such a way so as to mitigate their effects on my regular audience.

Also, I’ve made it a requirement again to sign a valid email address to comments. I don’t know how this got turned off. Further, replies to dead comment threads that are older than a certain timeframe will get junked. I don’t think this is too awful of a constraint, do you? Most spam comments get posted to old high-school era stuff — I think the spammer’s single favorite entry is Financial Imbalance, for whatever reason.


  • You could always move IAATB over to a WordPress account, though the jury’s still out on if I’ve gotten mine to succeed or not. I *think* I have.

  • Our Bennyfactor
    EDT 23:21:55 0606.1 (Thu)

    Yeah, but WordPress absolutely sucks at doing anything besides just a bsic blog. I have MT doing most of my site, thank you very much.