Entries from February 2007

I’m from Texas, ho!

0702.24 16:18:05 | 2 Comments
We (that is, the Harding Academic Team) are here in Denton, TX where we just got 4th place (though, that at the end of the 11-round round-robin competition I was 6th overall individually) . I’ve kind of forgotten about Texas, but being here has given me a quick reminder of how things are down here. Like Black-Eyed […]

Bowling for Quizumbine part 2

0702.21 06:51:10 | One Comment
I never finished this story, did I? Oh, well, basically, we went 9 and 3 a few weekends ago in quizbowl, towards the end of it I got into this massive zen state staring at a flower bed out the window of the room we were in, and just started nailing all the answers. To […]

I flipping hate Arkansas.

0702.13 13:13:31 | 3 Comments
So I hear people in Flatlandia got a whole bunch of snow! Yeah, everything’s old wet and muddy and flooded down here. Dr Cochran gave a talk in chapel this morning with regard to Christ and the laying down of his life, and how this can be seen not only in the singular, literal self-sacrifice […]

Bowling for Quizumbine part 1

0702.13 09:11:22 | Comments Off on Bowling for Quizumbine part 1
Yeah, so, the Harding Academic Team got back early today from Tulsa, OK, after participating in the NAQT regional tournament. My team (the Division II A Team, there reason why I’m not on the division I team is a stupid story that I’m not going to tell right now) finished in fourth place with a […]

Space Potato Redux

0702.12 10:24:24 | 4 Comments
I’ve got a nice big two-part post on deck, but first: Hey, you remember that Space Potato no. 27 schtick I made up a few years ago? Well, it turns out those crummy pinko Chi-coms stole my idea: BBC reports lift-off for Chinese space potato. With the apparent, undramatic end to Philosophest 2006-07, I think […]

Vorrei un cappuccino!

0702.4 11:47:41 | 2 Comments
The titular phrase, “I want a cappuccino!” in Italian, has become a bit of a rallying cry for myself since returning from Europe. Maybe rallying cry isn’t the right phrase, since it’s just for one person, but I think one gets the drift. In case you are unsure, a cappucino is an Italian coffee-type drink. […]