Entries from April 2007

Liberal Arts Edjumakashun

0704.25 19:37:43 | 6 Comments
Yeah, so I was just thinking about how many credits I have taken that don’t apply directly to my major or minor. Because I know that someday soon I won’t have access to the wonders and horrors of luminisweb.harding.edu , I thought I’d just make a little list of all the hillarious and bad and […]

You know what I want right now?

0704.21 20:37:27 | 2 Comments
* Pork Tenderloin Sandwich * French Onion Soup * Clam Chowder (go pats) * Chicken Caesar Salad * A pound of slow-cooked cow * Polish Sausage / Würstchen * Stroganoff * Cornbread * Something Italian Somebody asked me what my favorite foods were today; I subsequently realized how long its been since I’ve eaten pretty […]

The 8D is implied!

0704.20 08:18:50 | 4 Comments
Yeah, so, basically, the other day I got accepted to James Madison University’s Master’s program in EU policy in Florence, Italy. I’m going to see if I can defer acceptance to Old Dominion for a year so that I can go study the forefront of International Relations in freaking downtown Fire-engine Firenze for three semesters. […]

Secret Ware(z)house

0704.10 20:54:37 | One Comment
Yeah, so this weekend was pretty baller. Alex Cone, Brian McNabb, and some other gravy vavies have this warehouse they’re renting where they’ve built a mini-venue. On Saturday night, they had a show/jam session for just a few friends. It was pretty cool, and I got to learn how to play the bass, which was […]