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Liberté, égalité, fraternité

0709.27 07:07:08 | 3 Comments
Well, today marks the start of the weekend, and the end of the second week of classes. Alex and I have begun to refer to tomorrow as First Saturday (1. Freitag in neuflang) and the day after as Second Saturday (2. Freitag) since we have these institutionalized three-day weekends. Basically these classes are welsh five. […]

Nulli vendemus, nulli negabimus aut differemus rectum aut justiciam

0709.20 13:19:34 | 2 Comments
So I guess I should write an update about being in Florence. Basically, I live in a palace. They’re still not done furnishing everything, or even with construction on the ground floor. Maybe a little history. The palace was built at the inception of the Renaissance on one of the main roads into Florence by […]

11 Days later

0709.16 04:27:35 | 3 Comments
As promised, a new iaatb theme. I’m still not really sure how it looks in Internet Explorer, and where any bugs might lurk. If you see something that looks wierd, regardless of browser, take a screenshot and leave me a comment.

Here is the news.

0709.5 06:22:08 | 3 Comments
Hello reader! Be sure to look for a new stylesheet and design of iaatb.net as well as the usual semi-literate frivolity and perhaps even a comeback of the iaatb photodump as soon as they install wifi in the palace I’m living in here in Florence. In like ten days. Because they won’t install it right […]