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Economic Policy 101 cont’d

0809.30 11:50:18 | 11 Comments
Instead of posting a massive comment reply I thought I’d just make a new entry in response to Matt’s comment on Economic Policy 101: MATT EDT 09:07:45 0809.30 (Tue) I’m conflicted on this one. What I didn’t ever hear is where the $700bn is supposed to come from. Do you have any idea? Seriously, no […]

Economic Policy 101

0809.30 01:26:47 | 2 Comments
So, how does it feel, representative Mike Pence, to know that, after you blatantly and brazenly misrepresented a plan to unfreeze the American credit market as a “$700 billion dollar bank bailout”, and spearheaded the opposition to said plan, that the United States’ equities markets lost one trillion, two hundred billion dollars in a single […]

I’m Ben Lamb, and I approve this message.

0809.27 15:19:44 | 3 Comments
In the future, will iaatb.net be a place where your children can find years-old rants from a high schooler and the occasional lolcat? Ben Lamb knows what it takes to run a weblog for six years. He’ll make iaatb.net #1 in sporadic, insipid blurbs about youtube videos. Matt Kramer doesn’t understand. MATT EDT 02:54:23 0809.27 […]

Content Update

0809.24 13:46:16 | 4 Comments
You can find all the iaatb.net blog insanity back to the heady days of 2002 now linked up on the archives page. It’s still not integrated with the search function or the current stylesheets or anything like that, but I’m tired of not having half of what remains of my website easily available.

So I’m not getting a TV any time soon.

0809.23 22:54:28 | Comments Off on So I’m not getting a TV any time soon.
Man, I thought Hulu was pretty awesome these past few weeks: I can watch Daily Shows and Street Cred with C-Dog O’Bling Bling that are only a few days out of date, and also (both versions) of Battlestar Galactica. But then today I ran across a program (that runs on OS X Windows and Linux) […]

Amerikanische Demokratische Republik

0809.23 10:44:34 | Comments Off on Amerikanische Demokratische Republik
Okay, so this is old, but I just ran across it. Terror-Hunters’ Human Scent Collectors It immediately made me think of something the good old Gestapo Stasi used to do. Uh, for a description, a quick google turned up this vaguely reputable source: The demonstrators also found towels stuffed into jars and labeled with names […]

Someday, there may be infinite Mileses

0809.13 23:26:19 | One Comment
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