Entries from October 2008

Fake news show once again supersedes utility of the real news

0810.25 21:36:48 | One Comment
This Olbermann clip comes after several others I’ve posted or otherwise commented on here and other places. I’m starting to identify more an more with this track on a Patton Oswalt comedy CD that Christopher has … the wording goes something like this In 2003 […] I felt like we had all fallen into this […]

less-fuzzy math

0810.22 10:31:46 | One Comment
I was going to do an update of last week’s post about my own electoral counts conspicuously re-biased towards McCain, but there’s not much of a story here. All four of those sites tallies, when adjusted to give all weak or toss-up votes to McCain, translate to 286 Obama, 252 McCain. I don’t really care […]

Zut Alors!

0810.19 18:37:23 | 3 Comments
Best French catchphrase since Une Boume Friday.

He was Chuck Lofton before Chuck Lofton

0810.19 07:32:42 | 2 Comments
Oh, Mr Letterman, why is the only news in this country provided by the fake news? Bonus: The Catholic Case for Obama. Yeah, I’m no catholic, but I found it interesting anyway.

Fuzzy math

0810.15 10:15:30 | 3 Comments
Or, why is this still being depicted as a close presidential race? So there’s several of these presidential poll aggregator websites that figure out electoral vote maps from all available state-level polling data. I like these better than the main news websites, because, well, uh, it’s an aggregator, and that’s like web 2.0 or something. […]

Happy birthday to blaugh

0810.14 23:54:13 | 2 Comments
October marks the sixth anniversary of me uploading an unformatted text file to talk about things that happened in school that day (because apparently blogger was the suck). So, uh, Prost! Iaatbland über alles! (That’s a Heek of a Lot of Root Bee-ah Neutron Bomb Remix feat. Frau Beeth, T-Bone and Hakeem) (write your own […]

Random Find

0810.8 08:23:05 | 2 Comments
So in my usual surfing (is it still okay to use that word?), I come across all sorts of things on this Internet. But a great one I found this morning is on The Coronation of George IV of the United Kingdom. Yes please the biggest plumes for my hat, ten rings of fur for […]

Debate Liveblog (sorta)

0810.7 20:36:20 | 2 Comments
I’m sitting here on my computer watching the RAI broadcast of the the presidential debates. Yes, this means that I can only sort of hear the senators under the drone of the Italian translators. Why, you may ask, don’t I just watch it on C-SPAN or something? This way is more hilarious. Duh. Below are […]

Photoshop Friday Wednesday

0810.1 14:08:14 | One Comment
Faking it (swissinfo) You know, when the somethingawful goons do it, nobody pretends like the results are supposed to be real images. I wish I could have seen that exposition in the Bern Communication Museum.