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J. Crew shares up after Obamas don its clothing FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON—- Shares of J. Crew Group Inc. jumped Wednesday after news spread that many items worn by the first family during this week’s inauguration events were from the national retailer. President Barack Obama wore a white satin bow tie to all the […]

Quotation of the day

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Moreover, coercion is a bargaining process, so the target retains the ability to gain some concessions, forcing the actor to clarify its own goals and bargain for a solution acceptable to the target. To put it differently, a state cannot be coerced unless it agrees to be, since it always retains the ability to escalate […]

Terrorist Fist-jabs all around!

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Happy Obamguration, everybody.

Get well soon, Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence until June, because he has some sort of hormonal imbalance that’s making him lose weight. I mean, look at these pictures. OH SNAP. Well, at least the Woz will still be around. …selling Datsuns.