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Now witness the power…

0904.20 21:37:40 | 3 Comments
…of this fully-operational battle Vatican! The Vatican is pursuing a power plant powered by the very heavens themselves (hint, it’s no moon) in some of the extraterritorial land they hold outside of Rome. What, you don’t believe photovoltaics will ever be commercially viable as an energy source?

Terrible jokes

0904.17 12:11:07 | 2 Comments
I always thought it was sum ergo cogito but then again I’m always putting Descartes before Desorses.


0904.16 16:22:04 | One Comment
Well, actually, I’m in an airport. But maybe someday we can be a civilized nation that actually has high-speed rail, and not the sort of civilian transport infrastructure that would make Bolivia proud. A Vision for High Speed Rail. See, this is what taxes are for. Public works! Oh Obama you make me so proud […]

Why do you hate America, Fox News?

0904.13 11:40:43 | 3 Comments
I just don’t even have words for this stuff any more.