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Quote of the whatever

0909.26 21:40:37 | One Comment
It’s refreshing to get glimpses, however brief, of the real President Bush, instead of all the laughably polarized-and-spun nonsense that gets pushed around by all and sundry. I was about to be engulfed by a tidal wave of Palin euphoria when someone—someone I didn’t expect—planted my feet back on the ground. After Palin’s selection was […]

Well it’s pretty much official

0909.24 09:46:54 | Comments Off on Well it’s pretty much official
So it looks like I’ll actually be getting after two years what it was that I thought I was gonna get when I showed up here in Virginia:

Genius is an idiot.

0909.19 10:17:25 | 2 Comments
Oh man, everybody was ooh-ing and aah-ing on the twitface when iTunes 9 came out. Genius, the automatic mixtape maker, was apparently no longer a neat idea with a crummy implementation. Well, I tell you what, when I wasn’t cajoling iTunes 8 to decrypt the DRM on songs I had legally bought in the early […]


0909.10 01:09:37 | Comments Off on MOER RAM = MORE AOL. YOU’VE GOT RAM!
So today was an enormous day for electronics news. Steve Jobs took the stage at an apple event for the first time in months to introduce iPods with cameras, and a new version of iTunes. Additionally they proclaimed an iPod with a new “larger” hard drive that’s the same size as it was originally released […]

This one’s not about Catholics, I promise.

0909.5 22:21:05 | Comments Off on This one’s not about Catholics, I promise.
Hey so it’s September or something! Whatever that means. I was going to put a joke here, but it seems that my macintosh has eaten its install of my preferred video editor so it’s just not going to happen. Anyway, school is going to be much, much less suck than what I had thought about […]