Entries from November 2009

Money money money is all you need

0911.18 15:53:06 | One Comment
So I was perusing a great publication by the European Central Bank today, entitled “Price Stability: Why is it right for you?” On page 16, it starts with a nice little anecdote about the history of the word money. Well, hey! I know that EU documents are printed in a bunch of languages. While cognates […]

All you heathens take note

0911.17 22:17:36 | 2 Comments
By your refusal to say ‘Happy Holidays’ I will understand you to be engaging in a War on Ben Lamb’s Birthday and also sort-of Thanksgiving and New Year’s. These are integral parts of the True Meaning of December (parties and Christmas tree smell and snow), which is the moral bedrock of our society and also […]

Things I’ve learned about Nor’easters and Norfolk

0911.14 19:13:23 | One Comment
So since Wednesday there’s been a hurricane-based weather pattern bearing down on my dumb house here in Norfolk (called a Nor’easter primarily because the press has been full of pseudo-folksy baloney for over a century), which I initially decided to use as for a parody of those TV-news “live remotes” with some idiot standing on […]

Guess who’s not politically “unstoppable” anymore

0911.4 10:28:37 | One Comment
No, not President Obama. Bob McDonnell has been shown in polls to be the likely winner of the Virginia gubernatorial election since as early as February 4th of this year (Rassmussen Poll, see section 3), so that’s no suprise. The Republican candidate for king of the nation’s trash-heap, you-know-whaddi-mean had been trending above Corzine since […]