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RIP Blogging

1307.9 13:38:46 | Comments Off on RIP Blogging
I mean, seriously, who has time for more than 140 characters at a time?

All We Do is Win

1202.17 14:29:21 | Comments Off on All We Do is Win
So last night I talked to Anthony Bourdain. Yeah, and Eric Ripert. Whatever, I won’t bore you with the specifics, all I do is win. Speaking of winners and winning, here is one of my favorite winners, who writes simply yet elegantly like a latter day Julius Caesar in De Bello Gallica. Which is kind […]

The GOP as a car analogy

1201.26 22:25:59 | Comments Off on The GOP as a car analogy
A metaphor in two tweets, by The Nazz

Just read this

1201.23 20:38:31 | Comments Off on Just read this
This article from Gawker so adroitly skewers not only Rand Paul specifically, but American Libertarianism generally that I want to cry for joy. Caution, if you are a horrible nerd, or are the ‘creative mind’ behind that awful ‘webcomic’ Asperger’s Daily, this article is making fun of you. http://gawker.com/5878427/rand-paul-is-so-full-of-shit-about-being-detained-by-the-tsa

My favorite 30 Rock episodes

1201.12 02:40:05 | Comments Off on My favorite 30 Rock episodes
A little while ago someone on twitter asked me for my favorite 30 Rock episodes. If you don’t follow me on twitter (and how can I blame you for not doing so?), most of my tweeting, aside from my ridiculous amount of retweeting, my “over-the-top cursing tweets[, my] unfunny tweets[, and my] love tweets to […]


1201.10 11:45:57 | Comments Off on Biking
So I’ve enrolled for an Italian class at IU semester. The first day was great, although the building is pretty far from our apartment. I was pressed for time and my brother suggested riding my bike, and that went… well I got there on time! But the hills in this town are very un-Indiana-like. I […]

Bonus: Classic Ben Lamb being an ass

1111.1 12:44:57 | Comments Off on Bonus: Classic Ben Lamb being an ass
So a little while ago one of the twitter accounts of the police force in London sent out this message: Now, honestly, I don’t subscribe to any of the Metropolitan Police Force’s twitter feeds, no matter how much I prattle on about England and the like. I mean, I have to have some boundary. But, […]


1111.1 12:32:23 | Comments Off on November
Well, I just wanted to make a short blog post about what I want to do with this blog for the rest of the year. First of all, there are some trip reports I need to write, namely the rest of the New York trip (Friday is here) Chicago (baby party, pictures) DC last weekend […]

New York: Friday

1110.16 18:48:30 | One Comment
So this past weekend I travelled to New York to visit old friends and go to a wedding. So, I’m writing down everything that happened, not just the hilarious parts. It’s all part of my new plan called “remembering the good times” – as opposed to the plan entitled “Remembering Good Times” which involved memorizing […]

Oh to sleep perchance to dream

1105.15 03:04:40 | 2 Comments
So the other night I had a nightmare, and it reminded me of the fact that I don’t think I really dream like other people. Really, my dreams are rather more… boring than yours probably are. Even the nightmares. They wake me up with some negative emotion just like anyone else, yeah, but they’re more […]