Bonus: Classic Ben Lamb being an ass

Jump to Comments So a little while ago one of the twitter accounts of the police force in London sent out this message:

Guys: Let's Crowdsource EVERYTHING

Now, honestly, I don’t subscribe to any of the Metropolitan Police Force’s twitter feeds, no matter how much I prattle on about England and the like. I mean, I have to have some boundary. But, fortunately, someone English who I follow did Retweet this, so I saw it. And the thought occurred to me: wow, are they dumb or what? And then another thought: Wow, what if I made fun of them by fake-retweeting absurd farcical tweets using historical figures with the same tweet pattern?

Well, this is what happened:

Missing: General Custer joke

Because, you know, that’s how I roll. Historical allusions to famous battles crammed into little tweets that all of 200 people (and 100 spam bots) will ever see, and like five of those (including 2 spam bots) will even get.

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