December 2023


RIP Blogging

I mean, seriously, who has time for more than 140 characters at a time?

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All We Do is Win

1202.17 14:29:21 | Comments Off on All We Do is Win
So last night I talked to Anthony Bourdain. Yeah, and Eric Ripert. Whatever, I won’t bore you with the specifics, all I do is win. Speaking of winners and winning, here is one of my favorite winners, who writes simply yet elegantly like a latter day Julius Caesar in De Bello Gallica. Which is kind […]

The GOP as a car analogy

1201.26 22:25:59 | Comments Off on The GOP as a car analogy
A metaphor in two tweets, by The Nazz

Just read this

1201.23 20:38:31 | Comments Off on Just read this
This article from Gawker so adroitly skewers not only Rand Paul specifically, but American Libertarianism generally that I want to cry for joy. Caution, if you are a horrible nerd, or are the ‘creative mind’ behind that awful ‘webcomic’ Asperger’s Daily, this article is making fun of you. http://gawker.com/5878427/rand-paul-is-so-full-of-shit-about-being-detained-by-the-tsa

My favorite 30 Rock episodes

1201.12 02:40:05 | Comments Off on My favorite 30 Rock episodes
A little while ago someone on twitter asked me for my favorite 30 Rock episodes. If you don’t follow me on twitter (and how can I blame you for not doing so?), most of my tweeting, aside from my ridiculous amount of retweeting, my “over-the-top cursing tweets[, my] unfunny tweets[, and my] love tweets to […]


1201.10 11:45:57 | Comments Off on Biking
So I’ve enrolled for an Italian class at IU semester. The first day was great, although the building is pretty far from our apartment. I was pressed for time and my brother suggested riding my bike, and that went… well I got there on time! But the hills in this town are very un-Indiana-like. I […]