Entries from December 2006

Quake II (aZn Asian edition)

0612.27 14:24:23 | 4 Comments
Apparently today there was an earthquake in Taiwan which disrupted SE Asian telecommunications connectivity, almost 2 years to the day from the Indian Ocean tsunami (also caused by an earthquake). Because of the coincidental nature of these two unfortunate seismic events, I posit that you the reader submit you own crack-pot (conspiracy) theory as to […]

File’s –– err –– Finals done!

0612.15 22:09:28 | One Comment
Now there’s an obscure reference. I feel fairly confident about the results. I know for sure that I have a 99.7 in Earth Science (down from 100.6 before the final, man that hurts! XD) We didn’t have a final in Fortner, and I’m pretty sure I got an A on every final except French, which […]

Final Exam Schedule

0612.9 13:37:37 | 7 Comments
This is more for me than anybody else, but the following is my final exam schedule. 1030 M FR 305 GANB 112 Franch is (mainly) for girls| M. Robert 1300 M POLS 460 GANB 125 Political Science Sadistix | Breezy 1800 M BOLD 303 MCIN 125 One Last Pentateuch Class | Herr Dr. Fortner NO […]

Birthday Schmirthday

0612.6 22:59:24 | 4 Comments
Yeah, so Tuestag was birthday 22, which I will hereafter refer to as “the deuce-deuce.” It started off small with an election I could win: the requisite facebook birthday spam, the occasional “happy birthday” going to class. Nothing big. I got some fun things in the mail. I’m still waiting on a figurine of Sir […]


0612.1 22:27:25 | One Comment
Thursday morning I gave the chapel devotional at both 9 and 10 o’clock here at Harding. Assuming I understand this interface right, my speech as written [with some edits as read indicated] is below the break.