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Food Blog: 22 OCT

0710.22 14:37:24 | One Comment
Breakfast: Oatmeal. So basically it’s freezing in the classrooms here at the Palazzo. What better to warm me up than some tasty oatmeal? I found some — not instant, and not even the “standard” fast-cooking oats, but like old-school 7-10 minutes in boiling water style (from Quaker Oats UK) at Asia Market, and some brown […]

It’s getting cold.

0710.20 07:45:45 | 2 Comments
The end of October is setting in here, the clouds roll in from the North and the walls and floors are chilly to the touch. So, I’m sending for some of my warmer stuff: see attachment. Alex said he just took pictures of his closet before he left; this overall is probably a better idea, […]