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Back in the you ess…

0712.12 21:36:33 | Comments Off on Back in the you ess…
back in the you ess, back in the you ess (ess are?) Uh so all I’m managing these days is one liners. The latest: “Yeah, basically I’ve come to the conclusion that all the happy American bacteria in my intestines have died a death — and the Italian ones, well, it wouldn’t surprise me if […]

Oh man this is hilarious.

0712.5 13:24:46 | 3 Comments
There aren’t words to describe this crap. Only photoshopping. vs Oh yeah.

Monthly Auspice Chart, December 2007

0712.3 09:06:37 | 2 Comments
Nonsense like horoscopes and the Kabbalah have a certain level of currency in American culture these days. As you may or may not know, I have my own vein of pseudo-serious numerological superstitious frivolity. I’ve been contemplating for a while making the whole thing into an elaborate mockery, and I had a bit of an […]