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From the mailbag

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On Nov 29, 2008, at 10:18 , ——–@—–.com wrote: Ben – Check out this web link and let me know your thoughts http://www.mises.org/article.aspx?Id=447 Thank you – Dad I am including quotations from this article. They are set off quotes, or maybe sometimes block-quotes. “There was no reason why the 1929 recession should have taken longer, […]

I wish my kitchen looked like this.

0811.16 16:03:14 | One Comment
Well, except for the stove and the water heater. It is a gas water heater with a tank, though — that’d be an improvement on my good-for-nothing oil-fired boiler with its pass-thru heating loop for the domestic hot water.


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Do not pass go, do not collect two-hundred dollars. Competent studies prove that daylight saving time increased mean household electricity usage in Indiana. We estimate a cost of increased electricity bills to Indiana households of $9 million per year. We also estimate social costs of increased pollution emissions that range from $1.7 to $5.5 million […]

Politics Wrap-up

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What more can I say? What more can I do? I give this all to you I know this much is true: —Jay-Z

Election Night Special

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Coming to you live from the Norfolk News Bureau, iaatb.net and Conrad Magazine present Election Night, 2008. I’m your host, Ben Lamb. Joining me tonight are senior correspondant for the American Politics division of Conrad Magazine, Eric Lowhouse, and also BBC News Analyst John Cleese. Results: President Barack Obama (D): 364 √ John McCain (R): […]

Fuzzy Charts: Monday

0811.3 22:24:43 | 2 Comments
On the eve of the election, the American Politics unit at Conrad Magazine in partnership with iaatb.net is releasing its final election analysis. For those that don’t already know, here is the methodology: 1. Go to the four selected poll aggregation websites (realclearpolitics, electionprojection, electoral-vote, pollster.com) 2. Put all electoral votes in “Toss Up”, “Weak […]

Fuzzy Charts: Saturday

0811.1 21:37:28 | 4 Comments
based on the methodology outlined previously, the American Politics unit at Conrad Magazine in partnership with iaatb.net is releasing some charts to stare at: All of the states (“weak dem” or equivalent) that I have rebiased towards McCain are in pink. Notable here, I think, are that neither Ohio nor Pennsylvania are given as close […]